4/6 This canadian fruit is known for its juicy, juicy fruit.

However, it also has a very low sugar content and is a great source of vitamin C. The fruit is available in many colours and flavours.

source FourFiveTwo 1/6 If you’re feeling really hungry this is one of our favourite dishes to make.

We love to eat it at lunchtime and it’s a great way to start your day with a healthy meal.

We like to serve it with a side of salad and some cheese.

2/6 We like the sweet and sour flavours of the fruit on the plate.

The sour taste is what you’ll get with the apple.

3/6 The sweetness of the orange and the freshness of the apple give it a refreshing edge.

4/10 The juice of the lime is also delicious.

5/10 Freshness is the key ingredient for this dish, as it has a sweet flavour that pairs well with the sweet fruit.

6/10 If you’d like to try out a different flavour, you can substitute orange juice with plain juice, and then you can also add some of your favourite fruit, such as strawberries, raspberries or blackberries.

1/7 We love the sweet, sour flavours and freshness with the orange.

The tartness of it gives it a fresh edge.

2 / 6 We like what you’ve made, you’ll need to make another version of this dish in a few minutes.

3 / 6 The juice is also excellent for this meal.

It’s easy to get hold of and the flavours are fantastic.

4 / 10 The juice tastes fantastic on its own, but it pairs so well with other fruit that you can use it in other dishes.

5 / 10 Freshness will be key for this recipe, as you’ll be eating a lot of fruit.

4.30am A classic dessert, this apple pie is delicious with some sweet and tart juices.


The recipe is adapted from A New Way to Eat Dinner.


Cook time depends on how you like your apple pie.


You can make this apple tart with a sweet and creamy apple pie crust or with a light and fluffy crust. 4