Apple is on the verge of launching a new ad campaign featuring a fake image of its iconic iPhone logo and saying that the device is “going to be an absolute pain” for Apple.

The campaign is a first for the tech giant after it has previously used images of the iconic iPhone from the 1990s in ads in China and elsewhere, and has already attracted backlash from users.

But Apple chief executive Tim Cook says the new ad is a “serious” effort aimed at helping Apple improve its customer service and make the iPhone “a better product for consumers”.

He said the new campaign will show people how to take their iPhone from a dead phone to a working, healthy one, and “that it is a product that’s going do great things for them”.

“The ad is designed to get people to use Apple products for longer and to feel like they’re helping themselves, and that’s really the message,” Cook told a conference call.

“That’s why it’s so important that people come out and buy our products.”

The new ad features the same iconic iPhone image that has been used in ads on Apple products since the early 2000s, and will be featured in Apple’s first TV commercial since the release of the new iPhone in June.

The iPhone, which launched in 2007, is a large, powerful smartphone that can be used as a tablet or as a computer, and it has been widely used to sell digital goods.

“This is a real-life version of the iPhone that’s been around for a long time,” Cook said.

“The people that we’re targeting are the people who want to feel connected and want to use a phone that’s a real, functioning, functioning phone.”

Apple has long used a variety of images of Apple’s products to draw attention to its products.

In January, it released a series of iPhone ads in which the company showed people how they could make their own iPhone from scratch, or how to build a replica.

In one commercial, the company’s chief marketing officer showed people the way to make their iPhone work on the back of a vacuum cleaner.

In another, a woman wearing an Apple T-shirt showed how she could use a computer keyboard to type on the keyboard of a MacBook Air.

In a third, a man in a blue T-shirts showed how he could install a wireless antenna on a television.

Cook said Apple had “done a lot of work to try to improve customer service” in the past few years, but that the company was still finding it hard to make good ads.

“You do have a lot more work that needs to be done, and we are working hard on making sure that we are delivering quality products for people,” Cook added.

He said Apple is working to ensure that all its products are made with “quality components” and “tough materials”.

“We are very committed to improving our manufacturing processes, so that we can make the products we are making in a better way,” he said.

Apple is the latest technology company to come under scrutiny for using images of iPhones to market its products in China.

Earlier this year, Chinese authorities seized two Apple devices after a government official accused the tech company of using a “fake iPhone” for promotional purposes.

The case prompted Apple to cancel a Chinese sales conference in Hong Kong, and the company has been working with police to try and resolve the case.

Cook added that Apple has already begun working with the authorities to address the issue, and said the company “would not stand for this kind of behaviour”.

Apple has been forced to remove a number of images from its Chinese website in recent weeks after the company accused Chinese authorities of using them to promote its products, but Cook defended the company against criticism that it had been “failing to live up to its own standards”.

“There is no denying that the product we have is the best in the world,” Cook argued.

“I think that the question that we have to ask ourselves is, ‘Are we really the best?'”

He added that “it’s important that we do the right thing and that we don’t do the wrong thing”.

The Apple CEO has previously said that the iPhone is “the most important product in the history of mankind”.