A recent report by the Australian Consumer Law Reform Commission (ACLC) has found that canned fruit has been priced at more than double the average retail price of a standard canned fruit.

The ACCC report said the average cost of a can of apple, pecan, cantaloupe and cantaloupes ranges between AU$30 and AU$65.

In New South Wales, the average can price of apples ranges from AU$40 to AU$70.

The report said a typical can of cantaloughes, peaches, apricots and nectarines in New South Welsh is between AU50 and AU60.

The price of canned fruit in Australia is a relatively new market with consumers looking for a variety of products.

The average can of canned apples, for example, costs around AU$50 and can be purchased from supermarkets in Australia’s major cities.

However, the ACCC’s report said there was a significant price gap between imported canned fruit and imported fruit from overseas.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data shows that imported fruit costs around US$30, while canned fruit from the United States costs AU$60.