The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is proposing to allow producers to sell their canned fruit on the black market.

The agency is also looking to add a new category to the existing one that will allow consumers to buy products without a licence, including frozen and canned fruit.

The proposed change is an update to a 2014 policy that was brought forward in 2017.

It allows producers to make their own canned fruit in a way that would be considered an “artificial fruit,” and can include ingredients such as sugar and honey.

Currently, products must be labelled with a disclaimer that the fruit was produced from non-certified fruit.

A new category of canned fruit would allow the consumer to buy the same product without having to ask for a licence.

“It is our understanding that there are some companies who are doing a little bit of work in the area of artificial fruit, and we’ve got to look at the potential for those companies to be able to make products that are more accessible and easier to find,” said Scott Houlihan, a spokesperson for the agency.

He added that a new food-importation category, for which a product can be purchased as “articulated fruit,” is being considered.

The idea of adding a new class of canned food has been around for years, but was not considered until the federal government was asked by the federal food inspectors office in March to review its policy.

The food inspectors group said in its submission that the current policy does not provide enough guidance to allow Canadians to make informed choices about the safety of their foods and beverages.

The government has said it plans to make changes to the way it regulates food-safety issues in the coming weeks.