A lot of canned fruits have been around for a while, but now that you’ve got the taste buds of a grown-up, you can use them in almost any recipe.

From pickles to pizza crusts, we’ve rounded up 10 popular canned fruits you should be eating.1.

Pickled fruit1.2.

Crispy-fried pickles3.2, 3.3, 4.1, 4,5.2A.

pickled fruit: Pickled pickles are basically pickled tomatoes and pickles with pickles in the middle.

They’re a delicious way to add texture to your dishes.

They can be used in recipes that require a lot of pickles, such as pickles on a salad, or pickles as a garnish in soups and stews.

But pickles can also be used as a substitute for a variety of ingredients that you may not want to use, such for soups or stews that use vinegar or vinegar-based sauces, or as a base for a savory pickle.3.

Crisp-fried fruit: Crisp pickles require less pickling time than pickled fruits.

They don’t have to be cooked in the oven and you can make them in any food processor.4.

Pickles on pizza crust: Pickles can be cooked and added to a variety, including pizza crust.5.

Sausage or bacon pickles: Pickle sausage or bacon can be sauced in vinegar, but the addition of vinegar to the recipe makes them a little bit more flavorful than pickles.6.

Bacon pickles or pickle sauces: Bacon pickle or pickled bacon can have a nice bacon-like flavor and add a lot more texture to a dish.7.

Baked fruit: These are a great way to make fruit puddings or pies, but they can also work well in a lot other recipes.

If you’re looking for a fun way to use canned fruit, try making pickled strawberries and pickled orange juice.8.

Caramelized fruit: When you think of caramelized fruit, you think pineapple.

But it’s a fruit that is a little harder to make than regular pineapple.

The main ingredient is caramelized sugar, and it’s often used in desserts.

But caramelized sweet fruits can be made into a variety sweetened fruit smoothies and desserts, like apple, banana, and peach.9.

Canned pineapple: This fruit is not a tropical fruit, but if you like tropical fruit flavors, then you should try it out.

It’s a pretty easy-to-make fruit that can be mixed with other fruit to make different fruit-flavored puddles.10.

Salsa verde: If you don’t like using pineapple in your salsa, try using canned salsa verde instead.

These are made from the dried fruit and a little liquid sugar.

They have a different texture than canned pineapple, but you can still make salsa verdes with canned pineapple.