When it comes to buying canned fruit, the Irish Times’ article on canned fruit offers some guidance.

Here are the tips to ensure you get the best fruit possible for a tasty meal, and how to use it to your advantage.

• Pick the right size, as the amount of fruit will be determined by how much space you have to store it in the fridge.• Buy a variety of fruit.

The freshest and best fruit will always go well together.

• Don’t worry about buying the most expensive or best-quality fruit.

You may need to adjust the recipe for a different type of fruit, or if you’re trying to reduce the amount you buy.

The article also advises you to consider the quality of the fruit.

“If you’re buying a lot of fruit that you’re not sure will taste good, don’t buy it at the supermarket.

You should buy a fruit that’s fresh and has a good flavour and colour.

That’s the best way to go.

You can buy fruit from an organic farm, or from an authorised farmer’s market.

This way, you can see what they’re doing in terms of their production, and then you can go out and buy that.”

The article recommends buying from farmers that grow local fruit, rather than from the supermarket where the fruit has been processed.

“You can also look out for the types of fruit available at farmers’ markets,” it says.

• If you’re a vegetarian, choose a variety that’s a good match for your diet.

“The best way is to try a variety from a few different countries,” the article advises.

“Some countries like China and India are good options.

Try a variety with a higher protein content.

Try bananas, apples, grapes and peaches.”

• Buy at the right time.

As well as buying fruit at the peak of the season, it’s also a good idea to look to buy it right before it goes bad.

“In the UK, you may have to wait until the end of April before you can buy canned fruit,” the Irish article advises, “but you should be able to buy canned in the summer, as it’s usually fresher.”

• Find out where you live.

“When you are shopping at the grocery store, you might want to check that it’s in a shopping centre,” the publication advises.

There are also some local markets that will carry the freshest fruit in the region, and the best-known supermarkets are also open on weekdays.

“Buying from these outlets is a good option if you can get to the market early in the morning,” it adds.

“However, you will be better off if you buy at the end to have a longer shelf life, as some fresh fruit is quite hard to buy for long periods.”

The Irish article also recommends buying fresh fruit in a supermarket, which will give you the best chance of getting the best taste.

“Buy the fresher fruit, which is not usually labelled,” it advises.

• Check the packaging.

“To check the freshening conditions of a particular type of canned fruit before purchasing it, check the packaging,” the newspaper says.

“For example, if the packaging is from the UK or Germany, it may be labelled as being from the United States or Canada.

Check that it is the freshenest type of the type of food you want to buy, and that it has a fresh smell and taste.”

This article originally appeared on The Irish Tribune on 14 December.