A crypto-currency trading platform launched on Monday aims to bring back the once-popular canned fruit market, which went mainstream in the 1990s with the advent of e-commerce.

The new product is called “Canned Fruit”, and it will allow users to sell their fruit for around $5 each, a relatively small sum compared to their $50 or $100 bills, which currently fetch much higher prices.

The company, which is backed by Chinese internet giant Tencent, hopes the product will allow people to save money and still sell their canned fruit for the high price.

The product is not a real fruit and the only way to get canned fruit is by buying a few dozen pieces, which would cost you around $200 each.

Instead, users can buy the product online through a smartphone app called “Banana.”

The price of the fruit will be set by the customer’s location, and can range from about $2 to $8 per piece.

According to a blog post announcing the product, the “Canteen” can be purchased for just $4.50 per piece, which means users will have to be willing to spend a bit more to get a full batch.

The concept of the product is similar to those of online grocery stores, where the price can be set based on location and how long it takes to get to the nearest store.

For instance, if you need to shop in a city like New York for two days, you can pay $4 per day, which will make it worth a full day to get the fruit, said the post on the company’s website.

However, in contrast, the product’s price will depend on the location and the amount of time it takes.

For instance, a full week can cost about $8, while a half week costs $5.

The Canned Fruit is not the first time Kraken and Tencent have been trying to bring canned fruit back to life.

Back in 2015, the company launched the “Mango” app, which allows users to buy and sell fruit for $4 or $6 per kilogram.

The app has since become the default shopping app on many mobile phones.

Kraken and its co-founders, Erik Voorhees and Sam Altman, have also created a mobile app called Fungi which allows people to buy, sell and trade fruit, and it also has a bot-based platform called Fruitbot.