Artificial fruit growers in Canada are not finding the love they might have hoped for after finding out they can’t marry each other.

They are finding that a man who can produce fruit for the market can’t reproduce a wife who can do the same job.

Many artificial fruit growers have decided that the marriage of the two fruits will not work because the fruit cannot grow in the same climate.

“I was actually told by one guy that he was never going to have a wife,” said Chris Toth, who runs his own company in a community in Vancouver.

I just can’t do that, he said.

When he was looking for a job I couldn’t find any women that would do that for him, he told ABC Radio National.

The company has been unable to find a suitable candidate for the job, and the man is currently unemployed.

In the US, artificial fruit is grown by the University of Alabama.

The University of Florida and Florida State University produce similar produce.

Australia has two producers, one in Melbourne and one in Adelaide, but there are also smaller operations in New South Wales and Victoria.

While the majority of growers have been able to find spouses to marry their apples, they are struggling to find husbands for the fruit.

One of the problems is that the fruit can be shipped from one area to another, so there is no way of knowing who has the ability to grow the fruit in the first place, Mr Toth said.

“If we can get the product shipped to a supplier that can do it in one go, then we can produce it,” he said, adding that the quality of the fruit could be compared to that of a supermarket.

“You can see how close the quality is to the supermarket.”

He is now looking for another fruit grower to help him find a woman to marry.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had a wife, and I just need someone to look after my apples,” he added.

A growing industry Artificial fruit producers in Australia are struggling.

Canned fruit producer Chris Toths, from Victoria, is looking for the right mate for his company, Dole Fruit Canada.

Chris Toth says he wants a woman with a long list of attributes that he can use to get the job.

“A long list that would include being able to produce the same fruit, to be able to cook the same dish, to have the same work ethic, the same enthusiasm, the ability of getting the job done,” he told the ABC.

He said the Australian market was ripe for a new crop.

Australian fruit is already widely available in the US and New Zealand, but the demand is also expected to be growing.

“We are in a very good spot for the next few years,” Mr Toths said.