New England Patriots fans will soon be able to get their hands on some new jerseys, and they’ll be able for the first time in two years to use the words “canned” and “factory” on them.

The team announced on Thursday that it is working on the uniforms for the 2018 season, with the first to go on sale next spring.

The Patriots’ first-ever jerseys were unveiled in August, with a black-and-gold design and the team’s signature “S” and a black helmet.

That jersey was designed by Nike and featured a white collar and black pants.

The team has also used the term “franchise” in the name, with team colors such as white, black and gold.

The uniforms were designed to celebrate the franchise’s 20th anniversary, and the New England logo is the same as that used on the team uniforms for all other seasons.

But the team has not released the designs for all uniforms, and only released the black jersey for the 2020 season.

The Patriots have a limited number of uniform releases per year, with each new design released in a few weeks.

The next uniform design, which is likely to be the white jersey, will be released next summer.

The first official design for the new uniforms is expected to be unveiled at a press conference on Friday, with another official design expected to come out in 2019.

The NFL is hoping to get a uniform for fans in 2019 as soon as next year.