A “taste” test of the “canned” fruit of the fruit leather canadas was conducted by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) on the fruit of one of its produce producers.

The test results were made public Thursday, which suggests the fruit may have been contaminated with an antibiotic, which the CFIA is warning against.

In a statement, CFIA said the results are preliminary and they will continue to monitor the safety of the products for the time being.

The company behind the fruit, “Canned Fruit of Canada,” did not respond to CBC News requests for comment.

But the product is already being sold in the U.S. as a fresh fruit that is certified organic and is not certified to contain the antibiotic.

In an email, the company wrote: “We have zero tolerance for any form of antibiotic in our produce and do not allow any bacteria or spores on the product.

We have been in regular contact with the CFDA, and have provided them with all of the information they requested.”

The CFIA test is the latest in a series of public health scares, which have caused the industry to tighten controls.

In 2014, the agency found traces of a bacteria in a product called CropXpress that was supposed to be organic.

The CFMA, in a statement last year, said the agency is “confident that there is no credible threat to public health posed by the Crop Xpress bacteria” and it is “not aware of any cases of illness” related to the product’s use.

The agency said it is working with the U,S.

Food and Drug Administration to identify the source of the contamination.