Fruit punch can be used to clean a wide range of dishes and utensils.

But how does it work?

This fruit punch is an acidic liquid that can penetrate the skin of foodstuffs, causing them to stick to surfaces such as plastic utensels and other surfaces that can cause damage.

Fruit punch is best used to remove stains and to remove dirt, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

It can also be used on dishes and glassware.

How to use itTo clean your foodstuffings and utenses:Rub fruit punch into a dish or a container.

Dip a cotton swab under the fruit punch and use a cotton-wool spatula to rub it into the dish.

Remove the excess fruit punch from the dish by gently pressing down with the spatula.

Repeat the same action on the other side of the dish and repeat the process on the opposite side.

Rinse off the fruit and wipe it off with a damp cloth.

To clean glassware and uthenses:Spray a cotton towel over a glassware or utensil.

Allow the towel to dry on the countertop.

Rinze the towel under running water.

Repeat until all the residue is gone.

To remove residue, simply wipe with a wet cloth.

Do not use this fruit punch on food, pets, or any surfaces that could cause irritation, such as floors, surfaces that are covered in debris or surfaces that have been covered with a substance that may irritate the skin.

It can irritate sensitive skin.

If you experience irritation or irritation after using this fruit and water mixture, rinse thoroughly.

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