How do you get canned food in Canada?

Thats what the Canada-based CANADA Food and Beverage Corp. (CAN) is hoping to answer with its new canned fruit sales initiative.

The company is asking for $50,000 for the initiative and expects to be in operation by the end of March.

The goal is to bring canned fruit into supermarkets across Canada by March 31, 2018.

The CANADALAND Food and Wine and Canadian Tire retailers are participating.

The agency says the program will also help with the spread of disease in the country.

“The goal is really to bring the fruit into grocery stores across Canada,” said John Cunneen, CANADELAND Food Director of Communications.

“It’s very important that people have access to fresh fruits and vegetables in the grocery store, so that we can feed people.”

Cunnaen says the goal of the canned fruit program is to help consumers make informed choices about where to eat their food.

“We think it will help us to reduce the spread and disease in Canada,” he said.

“Canned fruit is a very nutritious food and can be an important part of a healthy diet.

This program will help reduce the amount of fresh produce we consume.”

There are currently more than 2.5 million cans of canned fruit in Canada, according to CANADANET.

According to the CANADAGEN, about 1,800 grocery stores in Canada now carry canned fruit, while about 2,200 stores in the United States have already started stocking canned fruit.

Cunney said the CANADA government is working to find out how the canned food program will work in other countries.

“As soon as we have the funding, we will work with other countries to implement this program,” he added.

Canopy Growth Corp. is also partnering with CANADALTECH to market its products in Canada.

CropLife Canada, a private Canadian company that operates some grocery stores, said its customers are also looking to get cans of fresh fruit.

The retailer said it has started marketing its canned fruit to grocery stores and has plans to bring in more canned fruit products.

“Canopy Growth has a great product portfolio, and our customers are looking to purchase these products to provide them with a great tasting and healthy alternative to traditional foods,” said Michael MacLeod, CEO of Canopy Global Growth.

“Our plan is to have a large portion of the cans in our stores by the middle of March.”