A new fruit basket can be purchased from the supermarket shelves of many supermarkets in the United Kingdom.

The fruit baskets have been manufactured by British fruit companies Lychee and Cana fruit in France, and they have been made for sale in the U.K. since April.

The new baskets come in the shape of a paddy wagon, which the company said can be picked up at supermarkets in London and Edinburgh.

The new fruit baskets come with a range of different flavors and colors, including pineapple, grapefruit, strawberry, pear and mango.

Lychee said the fruit baskets, which are made by a joint venture between Cana and Lychees, are part of a global strategy to attract more customers to its own products.

Lychevese, the company behind the new fruit, said the baskets are the first products of the brand that are available in the marketplace in the West.

The company said the new baskets are made in the Netherlands, where the company has a manufacturing plant, and that they are currently being tested in stores.

Lycchee has previously said the Lycheean fruit is more nutritious and less harmful to consumers than the common fruit in the European Union.

In May, Lycheé announced that it would be selling more than 6,000 of the new Lycheese fruit baskets a week by 2020.