A fruit machine has become the new reality in Canada, thanks to a new technology called the Fruit Machine.

The device has the potential to be a massive hit with consumers, but some are worried about its safety.

“It is going to be extremely dangerous, it’s going to put people at risk and it’s a potential disaster, but I don’t think people are going to notice,” says the owner of a Toronto fruit machine, who asked to remain anonymous.

The Fruit Machine was introduced in Canada by the Toronto Fruit Company in March 2018, as part of a new push by the company to attract a younger demographic to its brand of fruit.

The new machine allows customers to pick their own fruit from a collection box, and then pick their favourite fruit in a rotating bowl.

The machine can produce a variety of fruit, such as berries and berries-only, or a variety that’s also made from the same type of fruit but with a different flavour.

The machine is designed to work with an online store called Fruit Machines Canada, which was founded by Canadian entrepreneur Brian Purdy.

Purdy said the idea for the fruit machine came to him in a meeting with a Toronto-based marketing executive who wanted to bring fruit into the Canadian market.

“I just thought, ‘Why can’t I do that?'” he said.

Purdy said he knew that the technology was not ready for prime time, but was still excited to put it into the world.

“That was our first meeting.

We were both really excited,” he said, adding that he knew it would be an ambitious venture, but the company had a plan.

Pricing for the machine is set to start at $999 for a set of four or five fruit trees.

The machines can be ordered online at the Toronto fruit company website, or by phone at 1-800-929-5777.

“They’ve got to be one of the most affordable machines around,” Purdy told News24.

“If you’re going to spend $100 to buy a machine, you’re getting a machine that will work for a few months.

The fruit will taste great.””

The machine will take you from your backyard to the supermarket in a couple of hours.

The fruit will taste great.”

The machine’s inventor, Andrew Purdy, said he believes the fruit machines’ popularity is partly due to its simplicity.

“The idea of the Fruit Machines was not to take the traditional fruit pickers out of the supermarket and replace them with a machine where you could do it from home, but it was just to replace the traditional pickers with a computer and a touchscreen,” he told News18.

“And so I thought, let’s go with that.

So I was very happy to have it come from the company that is responsible for that.”

The new fruit machines will be introduced in Toronto in January 2019, and are expected to be rolled out to other parts of Canada by early 2020.