The orange fruit in your supermarket may not taste like the same, but if you want to keep your diet full and fit, then Dragon Fruit can help.

Dragon Fruit has been making waves lately, with some of the company’s new flavors and products gaining popularity among vegans and vegetarians.

Its popular Dragon Fruit, for instance, has been the subject of many complaints from animal rights groups, who claim it contains chemicals that could be toxic for humans and other animals.

However, a new report from The Associated Press suggests that Dragon Fruit’s latest offering, the Dragon Fruit Can, could be just what your craving for fruit juice needs.

The company claims it is “made with 100% real Dragon Fruit juice” and is “the only Dragon Fruit product in existence that comes with a bottle and can that is 100% natural and safe.”

Dragon Fruit’s can contains “all of the benefits of a traditional can of Dragon Fruit,” the company said.

It’s a can that comes in two flavors: Dragon Fruit Black, which is an apple-infused fruit, and Dragon Fruit Yellow, which has a green-infusing apple flavor.

While there are still a few questions to be answered about the quality of Dragon Berry, it’s certainly worth trying.

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